Medicare Recipients receive free covid test kits to your door

A monthly Subscription provides FREE covid test for medicare recipients through the CARES act.

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Medicare recipients are now eligible to receive eight free Covid tests shipped to their door every month in order to help minimize emergency room visits and reduce overall spread allowing friends and family to visit more often as well as allowing individuals to self-test to determine their status

With the anticipated uptick of the new variance, the Medicare population is most vulnerable and has the least amount of access to quick tests and the government is responding by providing these free tests to be sent and used in-home to be used as needed.

Top 10 reasons Medicare is giving away free Covid tests to Medicare recipients in my opinion

  • Medicare recipients are more likely to get Covid and have been sheltering in place and not seeing friends and family for so long that the ability to test friends prior to them entering their home may increase exposure to real-life human beings and help the mental and well-being of Medicare recipients know that it’s been so long that they’ve been shit in
  • The number of emergency room visits for Medicare recipients that have presented with Covid like symptoms that are not Covid are through the roof costing millions if not billions of dollars and not only resources and energy and effort and time, but it’s also been amazing the ability of what’s already an understaffed hospital system to treat those who actually do need either critical care or acute care
  • Seniors are spending more time worrying about having Covid, and it is causing a rise in their mental state as well as an increase in toll-free mental health care hotline conversations that would be mitigated if someone took a Covid test at home and ruled in or out if they had the covid
  • Millions of seniors may not have access to the free program not because it’s not available but because they don’t know about it however their friends and other Medicare recipients may have received test kits in the mail for free that they can share as well as educate other Medicare recipients about the program
  • There is an anticipated Spike as well as an anticipated new strain coming to the Americas in Medicare’s trying to get ahead of that, especially with the Medicare recipient population
  • Medicare recipients may call an ambulance for conditions that may present as Covid and if they knew they were Covid free they might not call the ambulance saving a strain on an already burned ambulance system in the healthcare system as well as cost
  • Knowing you have Covid they also keep others from getting it, especially in the Medicare recipient population saving tons of energy, money, and lives
  • Giving a Medicare recipient 83 times a month is a lot cheaper than a minimum to an emergency room.
  • Medicare recipients that are married to those that are under the Medicare recipient age limit and still working may pose a higher threat and knowing using the free tests may help mitigate long-term problems
  • Knowledge is power and just knowing you don’t have Covid and relieve a lot of Medicare recipients providing peace of mind and minimizing anxiety that causes overall health condition degradation

That patient foundations goal is to educate and communicate health and wellness news and education to all, and you are welcome to not only apply for this free program they get extended benefits from that patient foundation sponsors like genetic testing, cardiac predisposition testing, cancer predisposition genetic testing, and related tests through our Doctor Chase program.

Medicare Recipients receive free covid test kits to your door
Medicare Recipients receive 8 free covid test kits at their door each month while the CMS program lasts.

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