Genetic Testing Can Help Identify Over 2,000 Illnesses: Fact

Since the first preventative genetic tests in 1993 for cancer, now these test can identify over 2,000 different illnesses.
A genetic testing is able to identify an illness by identifying genes within an individual’s DNA.

Genetic Testing Can Be Performed At Home: Fact

Tests can be performed at home with mail order kits that will have pre-packaged instructions. These kits will give you a simple receptacle to collect a swab test from the inside of your mouth.

Genetic Testing Can Be 100% Subsidized By Medicare: Fact

Medicare has been 100% subsidizing genetic tests for some illnesses. This is only covered by Medicare for seniors who are enrolled in both Part A and Part B. There are additional requirements for Medicare dependent on which illness the test is for.

Genetic Testing Is Approved By The FDA And Medicare: Fact

Since 2006 the FDA approved genetic testing and at-home tests by mail were approved in 2015.

Genetic Testing Can Prevent Disease: Fiction

This form of preventative testing will help to identify disease but it will not prevent disease. After a disease is identified it is important to receive a prescribed preventative treatment plan from a licensed medical practitioner.

Genetic Testing Has Negative Side Effects: Fiction

This form of testing does not have negative side effects.

Genetic Testing Is Always Accurate: Fiction

This form of testing is not always accurate. For this reason a doctor may request additional genetic testing or other types of test to confirm a diagnosis.

If no signs or symptoms are present before a genetic test is performed, it is important to understand what a positive result from a test actually means for an individual. This does not mean an individual has an illness. Rather what this means is that an individual is genetically predispositioned and has a greater likelihood of illness than others.

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