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We understand that there are many areas of the country underserved as displayed in the graphic below, and we are trying to help not only start the conversation but provide answers and access to help those in rural communities. We will be opening the Neighborhood Lab Test in many areas in the coming months to promote our programs and help increase the quality of care in these underserved areas!

General Wellness

Comprehensive Metabolic Lab Test Near Me

This test is also known as CMP, Metabolic Panels.

Overnight fasting is required for this test.

What’s Included

  • Glucose (Glucose)
  • Urea Nitrogen (BUN) (Urea nitrogen)
  • Creatinine (Creatinine)
  • eGFR Non-Afr. American (Glomerular filtration rate/1.73 sq M.predicted)
  • eGFR African American (Glomerular filtration rate/1.73 sq
  • BUN/Creatinine Ratio (Urea nitrogen/Creatinine)
  • Sodium (Sodium)
  • Potassium (Potassium)
  • Chloride (Chloride)
  • Carbon Dioxide (Carbon dioxide)
  • Calcium (Calcium)
  • Protein, Total (Protein)
  • Albumin (Albumin)
  • Globulin (Globulin)
  • Albumin/Globulin Ratio (Albumin/Globulin)
  • Bilirubin, Total (Bilirubin)
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (Alkaline phosphatase)
  • AST (Aspartate aminotransferase)
  • ALT (Alanine aminotransferase)

Frequently Asked Questions

In which states are your services available?

In all states except NY, NJ, and RI. Regulations in these 3 states don’t allow customers order lab tests online. For ordering lab tests online you need to use a local address in the state where the testing is allowed.

How old do I have to be to get tested?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Do you accept medical insurance?

No. We do not accept health insurance. We do accept HSA and FSA cards. This helps us keep prices low and avoid sending your lab results to insurance companies.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to get lab testing done?

No. One of our own doctors will order the tests you choose. This prescription is included in the test price. Simply order tests, take the requisition form we will provide to the lab, and you will be able to get tested.

Is it possible to use a lab order (requisition) from my doctor?

No, but it does not matter. When you order the same tests from us, the price for your order includes a requisition signed by one of our doctors.

Is it possible to get a requisition without ordering tests?

No. We only provide lab order and tests together as a package.

Does my order expire?

Your lab order is valid for 6 months. You can find the expiration date on the requisition form we will provide to you. The lab order cannot be used after the expiration date.

Where will I have my blood drawn / specimen collected?

all over United States in retail locations or in the mail.

After placing my order, how soon can I go to Quest

Immediately, unless your test requires fasting. No appointment is necessary.

Do I need to make an appointment?

It will depend on your area, test and provider.

Please note, that labs are the busiest in the morning, when people who had to fast are waiting for a specimen collection.

Will I need to payfor anything?

Depends on the plan you have, but many tests are included in the service you are already paying for.

How will I get my test results?

We will email you as soon as we get the results The email will include a link to download the results as a PDF. The results will always be available under your account on our website.

What will my test results report look like?

The report will contain one or more lines known as components (measurements) for each test that you order. For each component it will have your value , reference range (normal result range for this component) and whether your result is normal / high / low. Abnormal results will be clearly indicated.

Can I bring the results to my doctor? Will my doctor accept the results?

Yes. The results report is identical to what doctor receives from the doctor orders the tests for you. To share results with your doctor, we recommend that you print out the report and bring it with you to the appointment.

How do I get my old test results?

Your results will always be available under your account on our website.

Will you send my results to my doctor or insurance company?

No. Your results are completely confidential. You can share them how and when you wish, it is your choice unless they are ordered by your doctor and/or you have agreed ahead of time.

Popular Lab Tests

1079 P327 1060 P163 1067 P115 1055 P099 1052 P171 1062 P097 1117 M297 1115 P095 1075 P085 1024 P037

Anemia (1504)




1069 P101
1025 P380
1006 P121
1007 P119
1180 Reticulocyte Count

1097 P394 1054 M329 1188 P225 1119 L598 1121 P137 1073 P047

Lipid Panel
Homocysteine Apolipoprotein A1/B Ratio Cystatin C
CRP, High Sensitivity
Uric Acid

1175 Testosterone Panel

1012 P247 1008 P245 1005 P123 1004 P129 1013 P079 1014 P241

1526 P447 1011 M031 1003 P147 1086 P113

Luteinizing Hormone LH
Follicle Stimulating Hormone FSH Estradiol

Hemoglobin A1C Insulin

Iron Panel (1512) CBC w/ auto diff Ferritin


1020 P063 1021 P059 1023 L539 1009 P061 1074 P239 1176 P237 1010 P117 1022 P049

1018 P223 1017 P067

1001 L948 X085 P002 1016 P002 1051 P002 1058 P002 1110 P002 1111 P002 1112 P002 1116 P002

Total T3 Total T4 T3-Uptake Free T3 TPOab TgAB

Free T4 TSH

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone Bioavailable Testosterone

Alpha-Fetoprotein, Tumor Marker Vitamin D 25(OH)
PTH, Intact
Sed Rate-automated

C-Reactive Protein Immunoglobulin A Immunoglobulin G Immunoglobulin M Prealbumin

B-hCG, Quantitative

Testosterone Total
Additional Testing

The healthcare process……..


Additional Modalities

Additional ModalitiesCash
Toxicology Screen/Conf$250.00
RPP ONLY$350.00
RPP w. COVID PCR$400.00
COVID PCR$200.00
IGG Serum Ab.$150.00
Rapid Ab. Test Kit$150.00
Culture and Sensitivity Test$170.00
NGS Cardio$950.00
PAD-Parkinsons, Alzheimers,Dementia$900.00
Many of these tests are included in overall options provided by the medical group or provider you are you are using for treatments, so please make sure you do not double pay!

For Doctors treating Food Allergies:

Peanut Diagnostic is reported using PLA code 0165U and 0178U (if allergic).

Please use the ICD-10 code(s) that best describes the reason for ordering the

A few commonly used ICD-10 codes that can be used to to indicate a diagnosis
for reimbursement purposes are listed below.
Z91.010 Allergy to peanuts*
T78.01XA Anaphylatic reaction due to peanuts, initial encounter*
T78.01XD Anaphylatic reaction due to peanuts, subsequent encounter*
T78.01XS Anaphylactic reaction due to peanuts, sequela*
©2020 AllerGenis, LLC. All rights reserved. The AllerGenis logo and AllerGenis VeriMAP Peanut Diagnostic are trademarks of AllerGenis, LLC.
Z91.018 Allergy to other foods*
T78.40XA Allergy, unspecified, initial encounter*
T78.40XD Allergy, unspecified, subsequent encounter*
T78.00XA Anaphylatic reaction due to unspecified food, initial encounter*
T78.2XXA Anaphylatic shock, unspecified, initial encounter*

*This is provided for informational purposes only is not intended to be a complete list. Use of these
codes is not a guarantee of coverage. It is the provider’s responsibility to determine the appropriate
codes based on the documented medical record.

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