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Doctor Chase is a new field within healthcare designed to provide a higher quality of care and communication.

Net Patient Foundation is there to help EDUCATEhere and ADVOCATE!

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For years consumers have taken a stance that their doctor or healthcare provider knows everything and they are the last word… For decades if the doctor didn’t say it probably wasn’t true but with the advances in technology and science, there is a disconnect between how fast speed of technology and science is growing and the educational resources and honestly governmental approvals that allow for some doctors to either have the knowledge required or even want to have access to that knowledge because it’s not already FDA approved… Not making the treatment of the protocol or the research drug effective it just means the doctor doesn’t know about it or is it going to get paid through Medicare or a healthcare provider leaving a gap in the actual space of healthcare.

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Keep reading, we have organized a ton of data to help you learn and ask smarter questions.Doctors & Providers work directly with us to help stream-line your process and provide a higher quality of 5 STAR CAREIf you are a Health & Wellness product, service, surgical center or in the ecosystem looking for a way to join the conversation, give us a call!
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Educated Consumer

Consumers are smarter than ever before, and their shopping and educating themselves in ways thanks to new technology and the Internet that is providing a disconnect between education, customer demand, treatments protocols drugs, and science along with access to providers who know everything… This is practically impossible considering the speed of technology and science does the event of Doctor Chase

Consumers who want education and information around treatment and protocols that their doctors may not be trained on Should have every right to get information and ask questions to their primary care provider in which the primary care provider has an obligation to answer those questions to the best of his or her ability and also be honest and say I don’t know not just it’s bad medicine.

we believe a doctor that just discredits anything without doing investigation or research is fully liable for their patient’s care because they are the primary care provider and that’s not going to be very politically correct to the medical field, but it’s a truth… We as consumers shouldn’t think our providers are subject matter experts and everything, but we would want our primary care provider to at least listen to our concerns and answer questions in the most educated way possible and if they don’t have the true answers to do the research ask the hard questions and provide their best medical opinion to the consumer not based on FDA, not based on big Pharma, not based on drugs, not based on how or who’s going to pay for it but based on their medical experience and the knowledge they’ve learned along with the new knowledge they may gain backed by scientific studies and research from some of the top research laboratories institutional educational facilities in the world just like medicine has been trained for decades it’s just happening faster than ever before causing avoid, and that’s exactly why we created our program.

We work with all providers and many times your doctor is 100% right, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Let us help you start the conversation with your doctor.

Doctor Chase to start the conversation

Our technology allows a consumer to lift their hand and ask Their primary care provider questions and Intern gives the doctors access to information in a timely manner to allow for an educated conversation between the provider and the consumer.

We understand that there is a very real tension when this happens and we’re trying to minimize that for all parties, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist, and it doesn’t mean we can just sweep it under the rug… Consumers are smarter than ever before, and doctors need to have the way in the means to take care of the customers in the best way possible.

Doctors did take a Hippocratic oath to ensure they’ll do no harm at the same time just putting their heads in the sand could very much be harmful, and they should be liable for that if they at least don’t do the research. Our system helps provide them with data that will allow them to help make some educated decisions along with we provide access to abstracts and subject matter experts in many fields so they know that they’re getting up-to-date information.


Un Named Doctor

Hospitals, care organizations, and even big businesses know that taking care of customers and patients at a level that keeps them healthy reduces cost over time and is an initiative by not only the left and the right but it’s just the right thing to do.

Join us to help bring a higher quality of healthcare to the globe!

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