Preventative Genetic Testing has grown leaps over the past two decades. It was originally introduced by the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s for breast cancer screening. Now this preventative screening can now be used for a variety of different illnesses.

Preventative Screening For Over 2,000 Illnesses

With medical advancements in the past three decades, genetic testing offers an individual the ability to identify over 2,000 illnesses. That’s an outstanding number of illnesses that can be identified and prevented before they ever become a life threatening issue.

Seniors across the nation have seen the rise of medical costs for everything from routine care to complex medical procedures if they don’t have the right health coverage. The notion that the ‘right health coverage’ is cheap or affordable is a misnomer for some seniors.

With a preventative screening like genetic testing you can not only protect your health, but also protect your retirement savings account.

Seniors benefits in two ways from genetic testing:

  1. Seniors can prevent life threatening illnesses that cause more complications in the later stages of one’s life (over 60).
  2. Seniors, especially those who live on a fixed income, can avoid costly medical procedures and therapy that can be very expensive over time.

The Rise of Medical Costs For Seniors

The reality is that national census numbers show us that as Seniors age, their annual income dramatically decreases from age 60 to age 75. This data has been extracted from the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.

While this looks like a healthy fixed income for groceries and home maintenance, is this enough when you roll in medical costs? Midway through 2022 USA Today reported that the average senior should expect to spend over $150,000 over their retirement years on health care related expenses.

This figure from USA Today, takes in mind that the average senior will already be enrolled in Medicare A, B and D. So these costs are not for the uninsured. These costs are actually including all of the Medicare benefits the average senior is entitled to.

Preventative Testing Can Save You Thousands
(Even Tens of Thousands)

It is estimated that the average senior will spend just under $6,000 in medical costs in a year when they are not dealing with significant life threatening illnesses.
This cost quickly escalates if a senior is dealing with anything out of the norm. This can include but is not limited to:

  • A complex inpatient surgery or procedure
  • Requiring in home medical care
  • In need of medical therapy or treatment for an extended period of time

But what if you could avoid some of these challenges to your health and your bank account with proper preventative identification and treatment? Instead of emptying your financial resources and time, you can live relatively disease free and invest that time with your loved ones and those things you cherish most.

There are other good screening options for seniors aside from genetic testing. We strongly encourage all seniors to review all of the best screening options with their primary care physician. Beyond this it is always good to review the most up to date guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and FDA regarding all approved medical treatments.

From the FTC Fact Sheet on Genetic Testing

Link To The FTC Fact Sheet

These are two important facts to keep in mind reported by the FDA regarding at-home consumer genetic testing:

Validity of Genetic Tests According To The FDA And CDC

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates the manufacturers of genetic tests; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which promotes health and quality of life, some of these tests lack scientific validity, and others provide medical results that are meaningful only in the context of a full medical evaluation.

Claims Of Genetic Tests

Having a particular gene doesn’t necessarily mean that a disease will develop; not having a particular gene doesn’t necessarily mean that the disease will not.

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