TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS WITH PEPTIDES Trigger points are areas in the muscle that are tight, tender, or knotted when palpated. This can be caused due muscle spasm and inflammation in the skeletal muscle. A trigger point injection consists of medication that is injected directly into the trigger point for pain management when cold laser therapy does not work.

●  BPC – 157

●  Sermorelin

●  Lidocaine PEPTIDE THERAPY Peptide therapy is a treatment method that stimulates cellular regrowth systems. Peptides are made up of short amino acid chains, and they are able to attach to receptors on the surface of cells. This allows them to provide cells and molecules with instructions for specific actions. Peptide therapy is used for multiple enhancement such as weight loss, muscle gain, improve sexual function, decreased anxiety, hair growth, improved immune system, and much more.

  • ●  Hair Growth & Anti-Aging
  • ●  Cognitive Enhancement
  • ●  Mood & Mental Health
  • ●  Healing & Recovery
  • ●  Sexual Enhancement
  • ●  Lean Muscle & Anti-Aging
  • ●  Extreme Weight Loss

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