Our team has developed a 12 step, evidence-based process that has helped hundreds of healthcare data owners with data valuation, evaluation, and monetization. Our goal is to help companies understand the true market value of their data. Leveraging Oncology Zone Funds our partners can not only provide technology and support bu the capital needed for rural offices to compete with the big city facilities.

We help more than just data owners. We also support companies who purchase data and are in need of a valuation confirmation prior to purchase.


  • Determine the Narrative
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Price Comparison and Competition
  • Pricing Index and Forecasting
  • Identification of Ways to Increase Value
  • Go to Market Strategies and Target Audience


As the industry leader in health data valuation for nearly a decade, our team has helped hundreds of companies realize the true market value of their data

How much is healthcare data worth?

It all depends on the supply and demand and no two deals historically have been the same. However, to some, a single de-identified dataset can range in value from $300,000 to $35 Million per instance.

If Im not sure I can sell my health data, should I still have it valuated?

We can help you determine if you are legally able to or not, as well as teach you how to become compliant moving forward if not able to now.

If you own healthcare data and cant legally sell it, participating in grants and research studies can be a fantastic way to contribute and generate revenue without ever selling the data.  However, putting a value to it as a “match” or contribution will be required.Is old healthcare data still valuable?

Yes, and it plays a very vital role now more than ever.  COVID-19 has changed the landscape of research and the need for both historical and current data is very important in understanding the impact throughout various sectors of healthcare.Why is it so hard to value healthcare data?

Data acquisitions are mostly private deals and are not advertised or published making it nearly impossible to determine benchmarks for pricing.  Additionally, pricing fluctuates per data points captured and specialty with over 100 influencing factors. 

Combining our teams decade of industry experience with our proprietary method and market resources, you will always know how much your data is worth, why, when and to whom.  Is it possible for healthcare data to become an asset on a balance sheet?

Yes, if you are able to associate an accurate monetary value to it. Also, finding a buyer would result in new revenue streams.  For some, years of historical data may no longer be recorded as an expense and instead an asset.   Is there such thing as estimated future valuations?

Yes, projections up to 3 years can be quite simple once a baseline is established.  A lot of small businesses or quickly going organizations have recently began using this approach for fundraising and company valuations. 

Additionally, in our service package we help you identify potential data points of high value that aren’t currently being captured to ensure maximum value and utilization of the data ongoing.How much does a health data valuation cost?

The initial evaluation is free. However, there is a one-time fee for detailed valuation, market analysis, pricing indexing, and ongoing support for 6 months.  We realize healthcare data can come from any company big or small, therefore we do not charge a set rate and each client is case specific.     Where can I sell healthcare data?

If you are eligible to sell your data and want to participate in future research studies, we partner with the best and as a thank you for using our services, our package includes a membership into an exclusive community of data buyers and sellers with a 100% guarantee of being introduced to a buyer within the first six months. 

If you have question please call 972-800-6670

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