Tens of millions (50+ million) of individuals live in areas that are targeted by the opportunity zone investment fund initiative and rural health care as well as education is at the top of the list because the same high-quality healthcare the big cities have are not as nearly accessible in rural areas. 

Our goal is to create an education and informational eco-system that help patients find high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price no matter where they live… Healthcare is expensive not just in money especially if you don’t have insurance but also having to take time off of work and the journey costs like; for your cancer treatment is even more costly especially as the further you are from a major metro area. 

We want to educate not just the patients but investors and healthcare providers and government officials that access to quality healthcare and rural areas needs to be at the same level as a major metro and things to technology and investors like you it’s possible it just needs to be a priority and that’s why we are working to create the net patient foundation roll healthcare qualified opportunity zone fund

Net Patient Foundation Rural Healthcare Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

This fund allows investors to take capital gains and Re-invest their Profit into an investment fund that has technology and healthcare as a basis for a potential high yield but this fund also will do good in rural and community areas because the foundation’s core goal is royal healthcare education and patient resources. 

It’s like triple dipping an investor can save or defer capital gains tax, invest in biotech, healthcare which is a great investment market segment, and help the quality of healthcare and have a humanitarian value all at the same time. 

Net Patient Foundation Rural Healthcare Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

If you are interested in participating and I’ve had any of the following events or are planning on any of the following events please call 972–800-6670

Fund Advisor – Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund:

Fund Management: Capital Council

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