What are the Types of Dorsalgia?

Cervical Dorsalgia

Cervical dorsalgia, also regarded as cervicalgia, is a condition that causes spinal pain. If you feel my back is killing me, then your cervical spine might have some problem. Pain in your neck portion that might follow after an injury is usually due to cervical spine degeneration.

Cervicothoracic Dorsalgia

As signified in the term, this category of dorsalgia encompasses cervical and thoracic spinal regions as the cervical spine is the topmost section of the vertebrae that is a part of the neck region. While the thoracic spine is the second part of the spinal column, it occurs between the cervical spine and lumbar spine. So pain emerges from both regions.

Thoracic Dorsalgia

This backache emerges from only your thoracic vertebral segments. As your thoracic region is one of the most rarely used body parts, it occurs once in a blue moon.

Thoracolumbar Dorsalgia

This category of dorsalgia involves the thoracic and lumbar spine. If you have Thoracolumbar Dorsalgia, your doctor may diagnose it through upper and lower back pain images. Physicians may also consider lumbago during diagnosis.

Lumbar Dorsalgia

Did you know that your lumbar spine is positioned at the end of the thoracic spine and travels down to the point where the sacral spine begins? This part of the backbone is used frequently in daily activities, so lumbar dorsalgia is quite common.

Lumbosacral Dorsalgia

It is backache clipart that initiates from the lumbar and sacral spinal cord. So, if you have Lumbosacral Dorsalgia, you may feel immediate and shooting pain in your backbone that is triggered by irritation of the posterior spinal artery or sensitive vertebral column innervation. A common symptom of this condition is pseudoclaudication.

What are the Symptoms?

Fluctuating among the six dorsalgia categories, the symptoms of this ailment are usually common in the majority of patients. So, if you experience shooting spinal infection pain in arm, leg or neck, along with a burning sensation, you might be suspected of dorsalgia. However, a strong back can prevent it. Therefore, you might find it challenging to shift your position, like walking upstairs or getting up from the chair. Besides, you may also experience pain or problems flexing down.

Generally, shifting posture is a painful action for dorsalgia patients. However, in a few cases, if you have compromised nerves due to herniated spinal discs, the signs may extend to impassiveness of the upper and lower extremities. Moreover, there is a possibility that you might experience a stiff back(rigidity and tightness in back). Hence, these issues make it problematic for the patient to carry out everyday activities efficiently.

What is the Treatment?

If you are looking for urgent care for back pain, you may visit the most trusted and renowned Premier Pain Center for the best treatment. You might have to choose from two endorsed treatment options: conservative therapy and surgery. Though, your physician will determine the treatment option based on diagnosis or etiology.

Do you know what etiology is? It is to determine the source of a provided condition and its seriousness. So, before deciding on a particular treatment option, a trusted physician will closely examine the results of your diagnosis and then use etiology to determine the likely causes and discuss your preference.

Conservative Therapy

A physician may opt for conservative therapy to treat dorsalgia if your condition is at its initial stages. The doctor may consider several factors to diagnose the primary cause like if you have constipation and back pain, upper back pain pregnancy or back pain when I sneeze then the treatment will be based on it. So, the treatment may involve prescribing pain killer medications, rehabilitation, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, and pain management intrusion for probable shots.

Your doctor may consider pain management shots if other conservative treatments are not effective. So, your doctor may inject anti-inflammatory medicines into the problematic region to see the results. These shots help establish and confirm the diagnosis and reason for pain.

Another treatment would be a yoga wheel for back pain. However, if the conservative treatment is ineffective, then your doctor might opt for surgical treatment.

Surgical Treatment

Your physician may opt for a surgical intervention to treat dorsalgia after careful examination of your diagnosis report. And if your doctor thinks that your condition is critical, they are likely to recommend surgery. Also, if physiotherapy is ineffective, your doctor may choose to perform surgery to save your state from deteriorating. The physician may also consider ankylosing spondylitis life expectancy before proceeding with the surgery.

Besides, the type of surgery depends on the root cause of the dorsalgia. There are several sorts of dorsalgia surgeries like:


It helps treat a herniated disc, electrical stimulation to bar the pain-causing signals reaching your brain, backbone fusion to merge two vertebral discs to diminish pain, and artificial disc replacement to replace the problematic disc with a synthetic one.

Trusted specialists usually emphasize the integrated approach to treat dorsalgia and choose the best treatment option according to your condition and medical history. Competent doctors try their best to avoid invasive surgeries. Instead, use cutting-edge treatments.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of These Treatments for Dorsalgia?

Many patients may develop gastrointestinal or stomach-related issues or cardiac (heart) ailments after consuming Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). While acetaminophen intake is likely to cause nausea and potential liver problems. Apart from this, some people may suffer from fatigue when they consume muscle relaxants, while others might experience blurred vision or dryness of the mouth.

And if your spine specialist chooses to treat you through dry needling, it involves bleeding and bruising at the position where the doctor injects the needle. Some might even faint. Likewise, facet shots may cause low side effect risk, and the most typical effects may include temporary pain. Rarely, patients may suffer from infections or adverse reactions to cortisone-like weight-gain or water-retaining.

While TENS units are typically safe if used the right way. Hence, spinning the instinct too high or positioning electrodes on sensitive skin can cause burning or irritation. Experts recommend that pregnant ladies, people with cardiac issues, and patients with implanted devices should not go for TENS units.

Dorsalgia treatment also includes surgeries but has a high risk of spinal infection from drug use, while anesthesia might also cause reactions. At the same time, discectomies are likely to cause excessive bleeding or blood clots. However, if your doctor opts for spinal fusion surgery, you must discuss the risk of bone fusion and backbone injury failure before the treatment.

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